Ange Wessels

Client Liaison Officer

A little about me

I was born in South Africa and completed 2 Vet Certificates, 1 in Accounting and another in Travel Agency. While studying in South Africa I worked for a couple of companies, 1 of them being Opel (known as Holden in Australia) as the Accountants Assistant where I met my husband.

While still living in South Africa I joined a commercial property development company as an Accountants Assistant, transitioning to centre manager and progressing to a Senior Bookkeeper. 

In 2003, my husband and I and our son who was 1 at the time, immigrated to Australia. My husband found work quickly and I managed to find a job at Focus Settlements through our neighbour. I worked for Focus Settlements for 5 years.

It was at Focus Settlements that I worked alongside one of Landmark Settlements previous Licensee’s, offering me a job after my maternity leave and 10 years later, I’m still with Landmark Settlements (Australia) doing the same job.


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